Resources for Virtual Dancing

They say that “constraints breed creativity.” As the lockdown of 2020 kept us from our beloved dance halls – we turned to our computers and said – can we dance?

The answer is – yes, we can.

We’ve learned a lot along the way. And so, I’ve endeavored to assemble the learnings from our dances, and from experiments from other groups, as well.

I’ve also launched Contra on Demand, an experiment which will allow you to give virtual contra a try!

Virtual Dance Guides

Contra on Demand

Virtual dances on your own schedule!

Virtual Dances I’ve Written

I’ve written quite a few virtual variations of dances, as well as choreographed several dances specifically for the virtual dancing environment. If you’re looking for some solid, tested dances for living rooms everywhere, I’ve built a catalog of these dances.

Virtual Dances: Security Guide

Navigating the security settings in Zoom is challenging for newcomers – and – incredibly important to ensure you have a smooth, uninterrupted dance. Follow this guide to ensure you consider all the options.

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